April 25, 2017

With only 4 days before Round One of the 2017 Flyboard National Tour kicks off, Pro Watercross is thrilled to announce that Pensacola Sports has put their full support behind the inaugural season of the tour - not only serving as the host for Round One, but signing on as Title sponsor for the Livestreaming of the full three-round tour.

“With Livestreaming of the Flyboard competitions, brought to you by Pensacola Sports, fans will be able to see all the action free - even if they can’t make it to the events in person,” said Pro Watercross CEO AJ Handler. “Last year, we had more than 1 million viewers for the Live Stream of the Flyboard World Cup in Naples, and we expect to see similar results in Pensacola and throughout the whole tour.”

Pensacola’s support and just-announced involvement in the coming season of the Flyboard National Tour is evidence of the skyrocketing popularity and growing recognition of the hydroflight sport, Handler said, adding that more and more destination venues throughout the country  are looking to partner with Pro Watercross and Zapata racing to promote the sport - and to take advantage of the immense exposure that comes from hosting a Flyboard National Tour stop.

Produced by Pro Watercross, Live Web Streaming Producer Richard Ignacio, will broadcast feed of the Pensacola competitions and the remainder of the season’s battles between some of the sport’s top athletes - will be broadcast on numerous platforms and through various devices.

“Livestream technology has the ability for people to watch on almost any device. The Pro Watercross tour broadcasts simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, and Ustream, so you will be able to watch the Livestream on any device that is capable of accessing any of those platforms,” Ignacio said.

Livestream compatible devices include Apple Iphones and Ipads; Android phones and tablets; TV streaming devices such as Roku or Amazon Fire; and gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.  

“The trick is to add or download the YouTube or Facebook app for the device and either go to the Pro Watercross Facebook Page or YouTube App for your device and start watching,” Ignacio explained. “If you are on YouTube, simply do a search for Pro Watercross 2017 and look for the "LIVE" icon on Youtube for the Live Broadcast and enjoy an HD quality Broadcast of our events on your HD TV at home.  Also remember that Youtube has full DVR functionality, so you can PAUSE and REWIND our LIVE broadcasts.”

About Pensacola Sports:

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