August 3, 2017

Each event put on by ProWatercross presents challenges and opportunities for everyone involved. There are occasions when these challenges require making decisions that define who we are as individuals and as the group representing our sport. The recent event at Atlantic City was no exception. In this case a challenge and opportunity came as the result of a scoring error. The protest time for the event had expired by the time the error was discovered and a young rider had been presented with an award based on the original scoring. When presented with the details regarding the scoring error the rider was adamant about retaining the award which, by the rules, was rightfully his.  

An argument can be made on whether this was the right decision based on the true sense of sportsmanship. In this case this decision became front and center in a number of posts on social media. While some presented their perspective in a respectful manner, many of the comments came to be a means of degrading an individual who most knew nothing about.  What wasn’t known by the group at large was that the recipient of the award was in the process of returning the award to make it right by his fellow competitors.  

We applaud the individual for stepping up to the challenge of changing his decision and taking the path that represents the level of sportsmanship and respect for our fellow riders that is the core of who we are as a group. We hope that each of us take the opportunity to learn from these events.