August  22, 2017

Congratulation to the 2017 National Champions of the Heyday Pro Watercross National Championships. It was a great weekend of racing in both amateur and pro racing from the growing group of future world champions in the Junior classes to the seasoned Pros. The Pros put on a great show for CBS Sports with all the filming being done on Saturday, giving the amateurs full attention on Sunday to shine - it was a great weekend of racing... check it on YouTube and Facebook @ProWatercross.


Pro-Am Runabout Box Stock: Troy Snyder

Pro-Am Runabout GP: Claude Clayton

Pro-Am Ski GP: Jimmy Wilson

Pro-Am Ski Stock: Jimmy Wilson

Sport GP: Keith Dill

Pro Freestyle: Luke Stocks

Amateur Freestyle: Ryan Doberstein

Amateur Runabout Box Stock: Juan Rada

Amateur Runabout SS: Greg Neal

Amateur Ski Stock: Wyatt Hayes

IROC GP: Eric Gabryle

IROC Stock: Eric Gabryle

Junior Ski Stock 10-12 yr: Haden Skellett

Ski 4-Stroke: AJ Luinstra

Ski Superstock: Niki Turner

Sport Stock: Danny Ortega

Veteran Ski GP: Justin Treder

Veterans Runabout Box Stock: Jason Lester


Amateur Runabout Box Stock: Juan Rada

Amateur Freestyle: Ryan Doberstein

Amateur Ski Stock: Bret Underhill

Amateur Runabout SS: Shawn Compton

IROC GP: Eric Gabryel

IROC Stock: Eric Gabryel

Sport Stock: Keith Dill

Ski 4-Stroke: AJ Luinstra

Veterans Runabout Box Stock: Tony Savage

Women’s Ski Limited: Carrie Oliver

Hidden Trails and the Frame Family are on the top of our list for a huge thank you! They are incredible hosts to all of the athletes, their families and support crews - thank you for inviting us to your dealership to present the Pro awards and throwing a great party.

The highlight of the evening was the Hidden Trails "Hot Wheels" race-off, for prizes, which was narrowed down to four finalists: Sammy Nehme, Taylor Skellett, Cory Roush and Jeb Zarzour who tore up the track with Sammy Nehme winning the grand prize of a Haibike Bike worth over $5,000. 

We would also like to thank the Charleston WV Convention and Visitors Bureau with a special thanks to Samantha Carney for her time and energy in making sure that when each and every one of you come in to Charleston you feel welcome and enjoy their city! Everything was top notch!

Thank you to our Staff, who put in tireless hours to put on great events. Until you have walked a mile in their shoes... you have no idea how hard they work for all of you! Great people and we love all of them!

Managing Director: Nick Handler

Race Director: Carson Bechelder

Course Marshals: Drake Stanley, Robin MacDougall and John Bonkowski

Staging/Flagging: Randy Scott, Kevin Scott, Norm Yee, Chuck Collins

Live Web Streaming: Richard Ignacio, Avery Underhill

Announcing: Kurt Knollenberg, Rick Lake, Rosie Nuttall

Photography: Jessica Waters

Scoring: Doreen Knollenberg, Tara Maley

Tech: Malvin Quinones, Kenny Sims, Erik Brigham

Just there when you need him - Hydroflight Managing Director: Jason Burns

and thank you to all the other countless people who have stepped up and pitched in, we are truly appreciative!

Over the next few weeks, Pro Watercross will have more information on the upcoming World Champions this November in Naples, FL... we have had a great tour and have enjoyed seeing all of our competitors, meeting new friends and going to new race site. 

Click here for results from this weekend's event and tour results...Click here for results from this weekend’s event and tour results...