January 20, 2017

Pro Watercross is pleased to announce the release of the 2017 Pro Watercross International Rule Book. While there are very few changes to existing rules there has been considerable interest in the induction of new models into the 2017 Pro Watercross rulebook. The introduction of the 2017 Kawasaki SXR has provided a new level of excitement for the Ski classes. The Ski GP rules have been adjusted to allow for the new model and the Ski 4-Stroke Stock class has been created specific to the model. Pro Watercross has received inquiries regarding the use of the 2017 SXR in the Junior classes. Due to the size and expected speed characteristics of the watercraft there are no allowances for a Junior Ski 4-Stroke Stock class.

Another addition to the 2017 rulebook is the Yamaha WaveRunner EX which will join the Sea-Doo Spark in the IROC classes.

Revisions that were made to the rulebook during the 2016 season have been incorporated into the 2017 rules. The last notable change is that the rules governing the Runabout Open class have been removed as the class has been discontinued in lieu of either the Runabout Superstock or Runabout GP class.

Please review the 2017 rulebook to see all of the changes and additions and to refresh your knowledge of the rules governing our sport. We encourage you to check the Pro Watercross website periodically throughout the year to verify any revisions that may be made to the rules.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the many 2017 Pro Watercross events...

Click here to download your copy of the 2017 Pro Watercross Rule Book