February 8, 2017

Pro Watercross is the leading watercross racing and freestyle circuit in the US, due in large part to the leading athletes that compete in each year's tour and championships. The athletes are not the full story though. Pro Watercross leadership and staff play a large part in the success of the organization.

Rick Ignacio, Pro Watercross Live Web Streaming Producer of the tour's pro races and championship battles each year, is a large part of PWX's popularity with fans, athletes, sponsors and venues. Responsible for drawing thousands of fans to the sport through online viewing, Ignacio has mastered Facebook's relatively new live streaming capabilities to promote the sport and its athletes to an even wider, more diverse audience than was attracted by website posts. 

Recently, Streaming Media Magazine sought input from a wide range of media professionals for an article on Facebook's growth in the live streaming arena. 

In the January/February 2017 issue of the popular magazine, journalist Jan Ozer, who is a streaming media producer and consultant, penned an article entitled "Facebook Live Grows Up." 

"The big questions on our minds were who's doing (Facebook live streaming) and why, how's it working out for them, and how do they see Facebook Live growing in the future," Ozer asked - and Ignacio was one of the experts he turned to for an answer to those questions. 

"Facebook is where the audience is," Ignacio said about PWX's decision to utilize the Facebook Live platform "It was also convenient for the viewers to like, share, and comment on the Live Stream content directly and keep the content more engaging as a result of the interaction."

Along with Ignacio, media top names such as YES Network managing editor Kevin Sullivan joined in the discussion. YES Network is the exclusive producer for the New York Yankees, the Brooklyn Nets, and Major League Soccer. Other contributors included Scott Maxworthy, who is head of digital commercialization for the Sharks, an Australian rugby league team, Corey Behnke of Live X, Renard T. Jenkins, VP of operations for PBS, and Luis Santos, Director of Engineering and Operations, Fox Latin American Channels.

Stay tuned to PWX's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ProWatercross to catch the live stream of this year's Heyday Pro Watercross National Tour.