March 1, 2017

Following up an energy-packed 2016 Pro Watercross season, Tim Sullivan, President of Energy Beverages Inc., master importer and representative of SHARK Energy Drinks here in the US, recently announced that SHARK Energy Drink will once again partner with Pro Watercross as the Official Energy Drink Sponsor - bringing flavor and sustained energy to athletes and fans at each stop of the 2017 Pro Watercross National Tour.

“The first year was really just the beginning of what we hope to be a long-term partnership with Pro Watercross and the sport. The outdoor beach and water sport-related synergies are a fantastic match up for us,” Sullivan said. “Now that I have seen first-hand the great leadership from the Pro Watercross community, the amazing athletes who are also providing great leadership in the sport, and the families and fans of the sport, we want to be part of the natural ingredients to help grow the recognition of this great sport and well as adding the energy necessary to attract new talent to the sport.”

The 2016 tour and championship was a record-setting season for both PRO WATERCROSS and the sport in general, said AJ Handler, CEO of Pro Watercross, adding that the partnership with SHARK Energy Drinks had a hand in that success.

“The quality of  SHARK drinks, the culture and energy of the company, and the commitment from company leadership and representatives compliments everything we at Pro Watercross believe in and promote,” Handler said. “Enthusiasm, high energy, dedication to excellence - those are all key in the growth of Pro Watercross, and SHARK epitomizes those qualities.

Whether you’re fueling your next moto victory, or kicking up the energy waterside as you cheer on your favorite racer, SHARK will provide the perfect boost for the active PWC lifestyle.

“The natural energy represented by SHARK’s branding and tell-tale logo is an obvious hit in beach areas and water sports around the globe, and the non-stop action at the Pro Watercross races matches the non-stop adrenaline and action of the most fierce apex predator on the planet,” Sullivan added.

The light and refreshing lineup of SHARK Stimulation and SHARK Sugar Free drinks now include the new SHARK Apple & Melon and SHARK Red Berries flavors for a high-energy hit that is a perfect complement to Pro Watercross and the PWC sport. Combining exclusively natural caffeine from coffee beans with refreshing, fruit-drenched flavors, SHARK Energy Drinks beat out other leading caffeinated drinks in blind taste tests and are designed to stimulate your mind and body whenever you are mentally or physically tired. SHARK Energy Drinks provide a safe, effective, natural way to boost your energy and endurance without the synthetic ingredients and preservatives.

Just like the Pro Watercross athletes, who put in the hard work, heart and dedication to excel at their sport, SHARK Energy Drink has a proven track record of quality and innovation. Not just another fruity-flavored drink, SHARK backs up their product with three decades of science, quality control and adherence to strict standards to provide superior taste and premium natural ingredients in an effective, great tasting energy drink.

“What set SHARK Energy Drinks apart from the competition is the premium natural ingredients – SHARK decided from the very beginning to follow the Thai way by using exclusively natural caffeine from coffee beans.  Most of the other leading brands chose to use synthesized caffeine and other ingredients,” Sullivan explained. “This history and context is important and has a lot to do with the Thai culture where they typically will not consume food or beverages that are modified, synthetic, or artificial in any way.”  

Pro Watercross and SHARK Energy Drink - Authenticity Matters!!!!

The second year of the partnership between Pro Watercross and SHARK will take shape at the first round of the national tour on May 7-8 at Panama City Beach, where the unique flavors of SHARK Energy Drink will be available on site.

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