Pro Watercross has partnered with RoomRoster for the 2018-2019 race season. The RoomRoster platform has been custom built to manage registrations, tour & championship communications, official roster uploads and hotel reservations for your travel.

RoomRoster has worked closely with Pro Watercross to provide the best options on amenities, value and location at athlete-friendly hotels.  Pro Watercross Events are STAY to PLAY events and hotel should be booked through RoomRoster as part of the event.

NOTE: if you are running into any issue with reserving a room through the reservation portal, please call 888-723-2064 or email

What is the advantage to pre-registering? Cost to you as a competitor... You will see that pre-register pricing is $100 for amateur classes, $75 for junior classes and $160 for Pro-Am classes.


Friday onsite registration will add $10 per class and Saturday morning registration will add $20 per class to the above prices.


Why the cost difference? To motivate you to pre-register... but beyond that, in order for Pro Watercross to be able to maintain these beautiful race sites for the tour, we need to be able to provide accurate reporting to our host cities, which includes how many hotels nights are used during the event weekend. is working extremely hard to ensure that our competitors are receiving the best room rates available.


If you are concerned about what kind of information is being collected through RoomRoster for your hotel reservations, reservations are made directly through the hotels and RoomRoster keeps track of inventory available and the inventory that has been booked – not your personal information. In turn, this information is used by Pro Watercross to provide an economic impact reports to our host cities. Based on the number of rooms booked for the event, they can estimate the amount of money that is being spent in the area, potentially on local restaurants and other businesses.


What’s next? With technology being part of our day to day lives, RoomRoster has developed an app for both Apple iPhones and Android phones – at this time you would need to register online through the website, and then your information will populate on the app once you have logged-in.


We will use the app on event weekends to push information through to the RoomRoster registered competitors... any changes including important site information, registration, announcements etc.


So, jump on board with Pro Watercross to streamline your weekend!  Register today!


PLEASE NOTE: Forms for the Pro Watercross National Tour, National Championship and World Championship can be emailed to: