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The ProWatercross rulebook contains a number of changes for the 2019 season.  Changes that have been made are in response to suggestions from individual riders, teams, promoters and to better align rules for the sport in general. Below is a highlight of the major changes that have been made. For complete rule details please review the 2019 ProWatercross rulebook by clicking here...

General rules

  • Pump water strainers can be modified or aftermarket. Rule 24.10.11
  • Reverse gates may be removed or reverse functionality eliminated. Rule 24.10.12
  • Turbo chargers must have water cooled housing. - Specified for all GP classes.

Ski Stock

  • Cylinder interchanging allowed between homologated models. Rule 25.4.1
  • Cylinder sleeving for Yamaha 701 cylinders allowed. Rule 25.4.1
  • Displacement for the class has been increased to 850cc.  Rule 25.4.2
  • Aftermarket head on Kawaski SXR changed to allow a minimum of 28cc domes rather than 180psi. Rule 25.4.4
  • Utilizing a Yamaha 760 cylinder no longer requires the use of a 760 head. Rule 25.4.11

Ski 4-Stroke Stock

  • Cooling lines and fittings allowed to be aftermarket. Rule 26.1.6

Ski GP

  • 4-stoke forced air induction engine CC limit increased to 1100. Rule 28.5.2 
  • Boost limit adjusted: <901cc 8psi, >900cc 6psi. Rule 28.5.4
  • Reduced boost regulator to utilizing a single stage regulator only. Rule 28.5.5 

Ski SuperStock Rule Section 27

  • Revised to allow 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine packages from homologated watercraft.
  • 2-stroke 1100cc stock option eliminated.

Blaster-GP class added - Rule Section 31

  • GP class for Blaster based hulls with max width 35.5in (90.2cm) and max length 96.5in (245.1cm). Rule 31.3

Runabout Box Stock / IROC Stock 

  •      Seat rule adjusted to allow a maximum height change of 0.5in (1.27cm). Rule 34.3.1
  •      Sponsons can be modified or aftermarket. Rule 34.1.3, 24.9   

Runabout GP

  • Cylinder head casting must be the OEM that matches the block being used. Rule 38.5.3
  • Crankshaft weight must be OEM +/-5%, no stroking of engines with OEM displacement greater than 1600cc. Rule 38.5.4

2019 Pro Watercross Rulebook Revision C update (April 25, 2019)

ProWatercross continually strives to keep rules updated and relevant to our sport. While we make every effort to limit any changes throughout the season periodic updates are often a necessity for clarification, parity or safety purposes. This communication is for the announcement of Rev C of the 2019 ProWatercross Rulebook. There are 2 changes included with this revision.

1. Ski Stock modified head for SXR - drop down domes are not allowed. This is a clarification to the adjustment made to the rule for 2019. Rule 25.4.5

2. Runabout seat modifications - specific limitations identified for classes allowed to run modified or aftermarket seats. Specific wording of the rule: Seat assembly may be modified or aftermarket. Modifications that pose a safety hazard are not allowed. Any shape that cradles the rider’s legs must be made entirely of a soft flexible material and may not cover more than 50% of each of the rider's legs. Rule 37.3.3, 38.3.3 and 39.3.5